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The “Lucky Dog” Story

                The name “Lucky Dog” originates from the          D & M also became well
                famous Draper & Maynard Sporting Goods            known for its other lines
                Company slogan, “The Lucky Dog Kind.” The         of sporting goods from
                slogan was first heard at Fenway Park when        boxing gloves to golf
                Babe Ruth spoke to a rookie with a new            clubs.
                baseball glove. Noting the D & M trademark
                depicting Maynard’s bird dog, Nick, the Babe      By the 1920s, over
                exclaimed, “Oh, you’ve got one of the lucky       ninety percent of all major league
                dog kind.” To the good fortune of Plymouth’s      baseball players used D & M gloves, and
                D & M Company, Ruth’s words were overheard        D & M employed over 1,100 people in the
                by one of their salesmen and shortly              Plymouth area. They had established branch
                thereafter, D & M had the slogan copyrighted.     offices in New York, San Francisco and
                                                                  Quebec, and they shipped orders worldwide.
                In 1881, business partners Jason F. Draper
                (1850–1913) and John Maynard (1846–1937)          Babe Ruth himself would come to Plymouth
                founded the Draper & Maynard Company in           to have his baseball gloves custom made. One
                Ashland, New Hampshire to manufacture             of his more memorable visits came in 1916
                buckskin gloves. One year later, the firm         when D & M workers gathered around him as
                pioneered production of a padded model at         he tried to stitch a baseball. After struggling
                the suggestion of a baseball player.              with it, Ruth finally looked up and said, “I
                                                                  can hit ’em better than I can make ’em.”
                In 1900, D & M accepted a ten-year tax
                waiver to relocate their headquarters from        D & M closed in 1937 after the death of
                Ashland to Plymouth. Using their needle and       Maynard, who had outlived his partner
                thread expertise, D & M established itself as a   by twenty-four years. The D & M factory
                major supplier of baseball equipment for          building—located at the north end of Main
                both professional and amateur                     Street on the roundabout—was renovated
                players.                                           in the 1990s and now houses the Plymouth
                                                                   State University Art Department.
                                                                    Plymouth State University’s D & M
                                                                     Collection features items manufactured
                                                                      in the Plymouth factory as well as
                                                                       items from D & M Ltd, the oldest
                                                                       sporting goods factory in Japan.

                                                                         The spirit of Nick the “Lucky Dog”
                                                                         lives on here at the Lucky Dog
                                                                          Tavern and Grill.

                                                                           Please feel free to smoke
                                                                                on our outdoor deck.
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